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Selected resources for power & energy-related issues.
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World Energy Information Resources

WEC, World Energy Council; Energy Data Centre

U.S. Congress

THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
House Committee on Energy and Commerce
Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources ; Legislation 107th Congress

U.S. Government Energy Information Resources
Agency Name & Description
CERTS, Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions Research for US Dept. of Energy; Transmission Reliability Program;California Energy Commission; Public Interest Energy Research Program
Dept. of Energy DOE Science and Technology Information and Resources
Virtual Library
Dept. of Energy & GPO DOE Information Bridge
Full-text and bibliographic records of DOE research and development reports.
  Energy Files: Virtual Library of Energy Science & Technology
500+ databases & websites; R&D highlights
EIA, Energy Information Administration  Publications ;Library/Archives; Energy Analyses; Historical Data Database; Energy Data Rankings
FERC, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Energy Information Online
NERI, Nuclear Energy Research Initiative  
NRC, Nuclear Regulatory Commission Reference Library
Independent System Operators (ISO)
California California Independent System Operator
ISO 2001 Summer Assessment Report

PG&E "A Concise Guide to the California Energy Crisis."

  Daily Update

Today's Supply of and Demand for Electricity in California
California Independent System: System Status
  California Energy Commission(CEC); California Plant Licensing;
CEC Reports Index
Mid-Atlantic Mid-Atlantic Area Council (MAAC)
New England New England Transmission System

  Daily Update

ISO-New England Morning Report
Industry Organizations

North American Electric Reliabilty Council, NERC; DAWG (Disturbances Analysis Working Group) Database
Nuclear Energy Institute, NEI
USEA, United States Energy Association ; Publications, including report: "Towards a National Energy Strategy" (Feb. 2001)

Online Magazines for Power Issues

Huber Mills: Digital Power Report
Healthcare Circuit News Online
IndustryClick: Electrical
  IndustryClick: Energy
Power Engineering-the magazine of power generation technology
Power Quality Assurance Magazine

Power Outages: Online Reports; Summaries of Major Power Outages & Media Stories
Power Plants & Restructuring

The Utility Warehouse: Power plants, generators, etc. for sale.
Status of State Electric Industry Restructuring Activity as of June 2001 Details on regulatory orders, legislation, investigative studies, issues(retail access, stranded costs, public benefits programs, and pilot programs) and links to state regulatory commissions and major utilities.

Professional Organizations
IEEE Power Electronics Society
IEEE Power Engineering Society
; Transactions, Journals & Letters
Renewable Resources

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (EREN)Distributed Power Program ;
    Power Issues
NREL, National Renewable Energy Lab


PG&E "A Concise Guide to the California Energy Crisis."



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