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Neal Dowling

Neal Dowling , Senior Engineer, has authored numerous papers and is a patent-holder.

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"Influence of cromolyn sodium on airway temperature in normal subjects", Pichurko, B.M., McFadden, E.R. Jr., Bowman, H.F., Solway, J., Burns, S., Dowling, N., American Review of Respiratory Disease, December, 1984, vol. 130, #6, pp. 1002-5.

"Airway effects of respiratory heat loss in normal subjects", O'Cain, C.F., Dowling, N.B., Slutsky, A.S., Hensley, M.J., Strohl, K.P., McFadden, E.R., Jr., Ingram, R.H., Jr., Journal of Applied Physiology, November, 1980, volume 49, #5, pp. 875-80.

"Thermal mapping of the airways in humans", McFadden, E.R., Jr., Pichurko, B.M., Bowman, H.F., Ingenito, E., Burns, S., Dowling, N., Solway, J., Journal of Applied Physiology, February, 1985, volume 58, #2, pp. 564-70.

Neal Dowling: Patents

Patent 5,357,953 Measurement Device and Method of Calibration.
Inventors: E. B. Merrick, A. Jeryes, N. B. Dowling, Jr., Y. Young, L. Powell

Patent 6,258,037 Measuring blood pressure in noisy environments. July 10, 2001.
Inventor: Neal B. Dowling, Jr.


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